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13-May-2016 07:32

I can't ' via The Fishbowl - Charles Miller This is also where Google's "20% time" comes in -- if you want innovation, it's critical that people are able to work on ideas that are unapproved and generally thought to be stupid.The real value of "20%" is not the time, but rather the "license" it gives to work on things that "aren't important".Everyone was staring at a television set hooked up to a development box for the Sony Playstation.There, on the screen, against a single-color background, was a black triangle."We came to refer to certain types of accomplishments as 'black triangles.' These are important accomplishments that take a lot of effort to achieve, but upon completion you don’t have much to show for it." Coding Horror: Avoiding The Uncanny Valley of User Interface (perhaps I should do a post on "20% time" at some point...)Open is a shell context menu extension that allows you to quickly open the target file or folder with the predefined commands in Windows Explorer.

Our company financial controller and acting HR lady, Jen, came in to see what incredible things the engineers and artists had come up with.San Francisco "overpaid greatly" for a badly-supported proprietary closed-source system that barely works, according to Gorton, putting the city under the thumb of a private company that provides sub-par support.