Albert camus the adulterous woman summary

06-Jan-2017 06:14

An instant bestseller, the book received widespread critical acclaim, and has been translated and published in over thirty countries.

, 1958), “The Adulterous Woman” adumbrates and announces the prevailing themes of the collection.

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After attempting to sell his products, Janine and Marcel make a trip to a fort.

After Marcel falls asleep, Janine is driven to return to the fort to find the rush she had felt earlier that day. She ends up laying beneath the stars and milking the experience for every emotion it evoked from her complacent heart.

Eventually, Janine goes back to the hotel room she shares with Marcel, climbs into bed with her husband, and weeps. She tells him, “it’s nothing,” and surrenders to the end of her adventure.

In them, an ageing labourer, a woman travelling in North Africa with her husband, and a school teacher tasked with transporting a prisoner each face their own moral crises. He studied philosophy at the University of Algiers, and became a journalist as well as organizing the Th tre de l' quipe, a young avant-garde dramatic group.

This book contains: "The Adulterous Woman", "The Silent Men", and "The Guest". After the occupation of France by the Germans in 1941, Camus became one of the intellectual leaders of the Resistance movement.

There is no mention of friends or much else in this life where for Janine: The years had passed in semi-darkness behind the half-closed shutters.