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and Micronesia (Little Islands) - began on New Guinea (Papua and Papua New Guinea).

Language ties indicate that this migration continued via Samoa eastward to the Marquesas where the oldest sites in Eastern Polynesia have been found.

Far to the southeast of the Marquesas lies evidence of a truly remarkable feat - a voyage to Easter Island (Rapa Nui), some 2,400 miles away, in the face of prevailing winds and currents.

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After arriving in Australia and New Guinea about 50,000 years ago, the settlers evolved in relative isolation, developing unique genetic characteristics and technology.

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Tonga is the longest inhabited island group in Polynesia, with radiocarbon dates as early as 1140 B. Thus we conclude that Tonga's first settlers, the people who made Lapita ware, were the first true Polynesians.Five years later the same pottery was uncovered at Lapita in New Caledonia.