Autococker dating guide

18-Nov-2016 06:50

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First, slowly pull your trigger until your gun fires and begins to recock.Pay close attention to where you start to hear hissing from your three way.You can test for the firing point by pulling back the cocking rod until it engages the sear, and then slowly pulling the trigger until the gun "fires." This is the firing point of the gun.Be careful not to set the firing point too far forward, other wise you can fire the gun with the safety on, and that could be a bad thing (or maybe not!If you're unsure how large the gap should be, do the paper test.

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The width of the paper should be the width of the gap.

Please note that all cockers come from WGP pre-timed, so you shouldn't need to do this unless you took something apart. Now, unscrew the cocking rod, located directly below the bolt.

This is probably the easiest of the timing steps to perform. Next, pull out the pushpin holding in the bolt and slide the bolt out of the back of the marker.

When fully retracted, there should be a 1 inch gap between the back block and the body of your cocker. Look at the back of your cocking rod: there should be a small set screw (3/32 in.) located in the back.

Loosen this set screw, and adjust the rod by turning the loose part forward or back, moving forward to shorten the rod and backward to lengthen the rod.If it's switched around, you have an open bolt gun, which defeats the purpose of buying an Autococker.