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These imaginative retelling captures the complex psychology, emotion, and harmony between pleasure and pain present in every BDSM encounter--and every tale is titillating enough to become any grown-up's first choice for a bedtime story.


resize=768:*" /"After working me up with an hour of torturously hot foreplay, my ex would clench her legs together and force me to pry them apart if I wanted some relief.

If you were single, all of these things could signal the beginning of a fun, flirty relationship.

"That Wicked Witchcraft" by Sunny Moraine follows, a present-day story in which a modern witch discovers two teenage thieves in her house--and comes close to eating them for dinner after she ties them up.

Finally, Shanna Germain's lyrical "Skin Deep" tells of a controversial Belle: one who didn't go to the beast as his saving grace, but to revel with him (and often over him) in the darkness of the enchanted castle and the painful price he must pay for her affections.

Five classic fairy tales reemerge as deliciously dark erotica stories with a BDSM twist.

Us Weekly magazine features the latest news and gossip on the hottest celebrities.Far from run-of-the-mill handcuffs and dungeons, this diverse palette of tales features BDSM as a vehicle for unorthodox moods, relationships, and dilemmas.