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07-Feb-2017 23:45

Don’t get me wrong; there are some amazing Senegalese men here who I have met on my journey so far. one of the more obvious statements I knew from the get go upon arriving here in Senegal, but one that means more and more to me every day and one that makes me appreciate my own culture in renewed and newfound ways.

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free/loose, educated, crazy, money-hungry, these were a lot of the adjectives that went hand-in-hand with Dakar women in the discussion. Maybe American men, deep inside, really desire the same things, but live in a society where such statements will earn them exactly what I described as my reaction above…

They may not come out and say them, but it is typically what many have in mind for an ideal spouse.

La historia da gira en torno a Hanabi y Yui quienes no son unas niñas pero tampoco son adultas.… continue reading »

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