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14-May-2016 11:55

Osama bin Laden’s death has already generated several Black Hat SEO attacks leading to fake anti-virus scanners, Facebook has been targeted with fake videos claiming to contain footage of his death and of course Twitter hasn’t been spared either. Yesterday I ran into something interesting: a Twitter Spam spreading a Facebook Profile View Survey Scam called See Who Viewed Your Profile Today!

The scammers are using the URL shortening service to mask the URL leading to The Free Apple i Pad 2 scams on Twitter are still raging. Both are taking advantage of URL shorting services and IP location techniques also known as geolocation.

And while redacting this article, a third Free Apple i Pad 2 scam showed up in... The email comes with the subject line "You have 2 direct message on Twitter! Hovering over the link in the email shows that we will visit, a compromised website. Our friends from are back with a new Twitter Followers spam.

This time the spammers are using the URL shortening service to mask the destination URL.

Twitter Search has a handy feature to reveal the full link by clicking on the expand button. While checking my Twitter stream today, I noticed a warning issued by Vanja Svajcer about a fake antivirus campaign running on Twitter.

Since I like hunting down malware IP addresses, I decided to check out what was going on.

Most of us feel the need to stay informed, especially if relatives are affected by those events.

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Actually any web page allowing hyperlinks submitted by visitors may become a target.The tweets transmit the misleading information that U. news organization CNN confirmed that Osama bin Laden is still alive.The scammers are using the URL Shortening service to hide the real link which leads to...If you are getting Direct Messages on Twitter inviting you to join the Mafia family, chances are big that one of your followers allowed the Twitter application Mobster World to access their account.

A twitter search shows quite some tweets with the same text. For the past weeks there has been an increasing volume of porn / adult related mention spam on Twitter.The throwaway accounts are usually made up of a name followed by some random letters and numbers, have no followers and don’t follow anyone but have a reasonable amount of tweets of...

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