Hindu dating customs

25-Sep-2016 19:19

Therefore, while raising a girl, the family takes all possible precautions to keep the girl under watch.A girl usually takes her mom into confidence before and during dating.

During invasions, the looting of property and the rape of females was common. Physical Intimacy  People here accord great sanctity to virginity.Almost as a rule, while it is desirable for a boy to be a virgin at the time of marriage, a girl must be a virgin.Satis are worshipped and there are many temples in that state.

Now sati, though still there in some small areas, is illegal.

In love marriages also, therefore, the girl has to be cautious to marry the same boy whom she dates else she would be branded as “kalmuhi” (Kal is Black, Muhi is face i.e. This term comes from ancient times where a common form of punishment was to blacken the face of guilty and take him around the village riding on back of a donkey.