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You'll find and equip new weapons as you level up by fighting tougher and tougher enemies, explore large biomes ranging from forest to desert to sunken city, complete side quests, and collect crafting materials so you can better your arsenal.

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Automata absolutely nails the rush of combat, so it would have been nice if some of the RPG elements like inventory management and crafting were a bit more fleshed out. Maybe these weren't the questions you expected from Nier: Automata, a game that - on the surface at least - is about a sexy robot fighting other robots with swords and a talking laser turret. Can we atone for our past sins, or are we doomed to repeat history forever?These, coupled with your choice of weapons and the aid of a support unit (called Pods), allow you to find the playstyle that suits you.

If you prefer to hang back and let your Pod take down enemies in a hail of bullets and lasers, you can equip chips that boost those abilities.

It is the first time the cricket-crazy country of 1.2 billion is playing in a FIFA World Cup game at any level of football.