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05-Oct-2016 11:15

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They fixed the problem in my TV today, which just needed an update. About 3 days ago Netflix stopped running, and I have not been able to resolve it. The ESN was missing from our 6400 series LED telly but we could find no way to add it. To do this, use your mobile phone as a hotspot if possible. Hope this helps somebody Consegui solucionar erros como nw-4-8 e ui-113 devido ao erro do roteador 1° entre nas configurações do roteador 2° nas configurações encontre WAN 3° Altere a porta MTU para 1400 4° Salve e reinicie sua internet I'm from Brazil and I can not explain much more in English if you can understand just follow the steps below - Managed to solve errors like nw - 4-8 and ui -113 due to the router error 1° between the router settings 2° the settings find WAN 3° Change the MTU port for 1400 4° Save and reboot your internet I have a UN65H7150.When I click on the App, it just goes to a black screen and nothing responds. PLaced a call via email and got a reply within 24 hours. Not sure why Samsung asked for the different network, but I did it as suggested. Netflix worked until I replaced my wireless connection with an Enternet cable.However, for those on Windows 10 there are some noticeable improvements to the UI to make the app Windows 10 focused.For instance, gone is the default Windows hamburger menu that happens when you run Windows 8.1 apps in Windows 10.It was nice to know that in US you have HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Hulu... and for a while Netflix was running fine, but after 2 or 3 days it goes blank in Brazil we really have some local choices including Netflix. And I cut my cable tv for more than 2 years, so Netflix is our main source of entertainment.Now you are helping others, just by visiting wiki How.

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There is now the ability to see which version of the app you are on under Settings, which is welcomed too.

Forget using apps from other regions, there is no need. Hi, i bought the samsung T27d390s in december 2014 and i cant even download netflix!

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