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Those who elect not to contend their status are considered to be ineligible noncitizens.For citizens, nationals and eligible noncitizens the declaration must be signed personally by the head, spouse, co-head, and any other family member 18 or older, and by a parent or guardian for minors.The family must identify in writing any family members who elect not to contend their immigration status (see Ineligible Noncitizens below).No declaration is required for live-in aides, foster children, or foster adults.Assistance cannot be provided to a family until all SSN documentation requirements are met.

HUD requires each family member to declare whether the individual is a citizen, a national, or an eligible noncitizen, except those members who elect not to contend that they have eligible immigration status.

The applicant and all members of the applicant’s household age 6 or older the family must provide documentation of a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or a certification stating that no SSN has been issued.