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06-Feb-2016 17:35

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Given his choice, Fawson, who describes himself as a conservative Republican, said, "I’d like to write the code according to the strictest morals of our state. Last year, Equality Utah brought a lawsuit against the state of Utah over a sex education law that banned positive discussions of homosexuality in public schools.The parties eventually settled after state lawmakers passed SB196, which removed language prohibiting the discussion of homosexuality from state laws.Fawson said he would also like to amend state code on human sexuality instruction so it is less of a target in terms of litigation. We will not win that battle in court." State School Board member Spencer Stokes complimented Fawson for his "wise approach" of focusing instruction on human reproduction as opposed to human sexuality.He said he recently met with stakeholders that included representatives of the ACLU of Utah, the Utah Eagle Forum, Planned Parenthood, Pro Life Utah, Equality Utah and government officials to discuss their perspectives about instruction of human sexuality in Utah public schools. “I think this is an argument of our time, which is we have to be very diligent how we're crafting legislation so the courts don’t end up crafting the legislation for us," Stokes said.Questions involved the technical term for a female receiving oral sex and the area of skin between a female’s private parts.

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As a result, all topics regarding sex are pretty much on the table.As sex continues to flood our screens, books, schools…one question continues to rise to the top: Who’s going to teach my kids?

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