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It should be emphasized that the ; the inference is not cogent (and other arguments, below, p. Prefects, first (439) Tigellinus, then (846) Faenius Rufus. Or are we to believe that the possibility of an audience confusing one with the other did no t bother the author?

504 refute it) but the obvious parallels certainly support the assumption of a date in the period when such familiarity and admiration still appear to have been widespread (cf. ; in view of this outcry it does not stand to reason that posthumous attempts by Greek historians to whitewash their benefactor Nero should somehow lie at the root of the uniformly hostile tradition concerning Tigellinus: An argument in the same category is the observation by Barnes 216 and the present writer that the playwright's reticence about Otho, the lover (or husband) of Poppaea might have a similar cause: Otho only ‘allowed himself – or found it expedient – to acknowledge his connection with Nero and Poppaea’ after Galba's fall (Kragelundvos …

Note, on the contrary, In determining the drama's date the allusion (if such it is) has of course no independent value: seen in hindsight its implications would be clear. 5; the first of Helvidius Priscus' renowned attacks on Eprius Marcellus dates to the reign of Galba: I am indebted to Amanda Claridge, Karsten Friis-Jensen and Elisabeth Nedergaard for their critical comments, linguistic as well as factual, on earlier drafts of this paper.

There was much play on the ambiguity of the name: Kragelund (982); likewise, but with greater caution, Barnes 217. The following books and articles will be cited by author's name alone: M.

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