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In all likelihood, Tupac was killed in a tit-for-tat piece of gang violence that had nothing to do with the rap wars.

What the movie captures is that Tupac’s absorption — through showbiz, then through the empire of Suge Knight — into the role of gangsta sociopath was the insidious illusion that sealed his fate.

The 26-year-old owns his own tattoo parlour, Adrenaline which is in Chesire, and has been in the ink game since he was 18.

And he’s a favourite among celebs, having worked on Kerry Katona, Jamie Laing, Travie Mc Coy and many of the Corrie cast.

The movie than flashes back to his New York childhood, his jarring moves to Baltimore and Oakland, the close friendship he formed in his teens with Jada Pinkett (Kat Graham), his shot at stardom when he was asked to join Digital Underground, his 1992 role as a stone-cold sociopath in “Juice” (a role he acted brilliantly, and that was said by some to have had an influence on his off-screen behavior), and his mesmerizing early solo videos for tracks like “Same Song” (his first lead with Digital Underground) and the scabrous social-protest rap “Brenda’s Got a Baby.” But it’s only after he goes to jail that the movie finds its footing.

“All Eyez on Me” presents the incident that resulted in rape charges that were brought against Tupac and members of his entourage (he was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse) in a way that completely exonerates him; the truth may have been murkier.

Film Review: ' All Eyez on Me' Reviewed at Magno, New York, June 14, 2017.

Tattoo Fixers has been a massive hit since it first aired in 2015.

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But the only thing about the role that was entirely real was his death. Production: A Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate release of a Morgan Creek Productions, Program Pictures, Codeblack Films production. Once he’s in prison, however, his life and career look like they’re in ruins.