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When they get the supplies, they find the girl dead and her boyfriend missing.Rick surprisingly expels Carol from the group and she drives another car without destiny. This girl with a stuffed animal and wide smile, led him to civilization and became his best friend. What if second chances at the end of the world actually existed? This story has given me many sleepless nights but I think it has been worth it."Carol knew that the man sitting across from her on a park bench would not be happy if he knew that he was the subject of her drawing of the day. He can only hit the wall.' A/U set before walker outbreak. In the hustle and bustle of their lives, they all have seemed to forget about one woman who had been with them since the beginning. His escape failed and his friends captured, a friendship is tested as Hiccup faces death and shame to save his father, his love, and his friend. No voices from inside the prison, no walkers, no birds in the trees, not even the wind made a sound. Over time Carol and Daryl's friendship has continued to develop but this time around it seems that their friendship has gone to a whole new level. Rated T for language, vioence and MAYBE included sexual content. "Got no husband, no daughter, your all alone" Set after Season 3, 3x16. : D WARNING: EVERYONE IS VERY OOC (OUT OF CHARACTER)Nine days lost in the woods and Daryl never thought that his savior would come as Carol, an eleven year old girl with curly auburn hair and large blue eyes. He ran from home because he couldn't live there any longer. He was just looking for a fresh start in a place called nowhere, where nobody knew him. Just a quiet life, a job, and maybe some peace - for once. What if there was a way to save every single person they have lost along the way? WARNING, this story may have triggers, chapters are mark as such. Four months after the Governor's final attack and the sickness that had killed several, the prison is once again thriving. AU, no zombies Two years after Hiccup first made peace with dragons, Hiccup is faced with an enemy from his father's past, forced at the threat of Toothless' life to train the dragons that will war against his tribe and father. Summery- Daryl and Carol finally find their way into each other's hearts but, will an unexpected tragedy keep them from a life together? RATED M FOR LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, AND SMUT."She didn't hear anything. "Your afriad, because your all alone" Can nobody hear me...

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I ship Caryl (twd), Meth (twd), Richonne (twd), etc. I ship Sarahx John (IAN4), I ship Sarah/Alan (Helix), I ship Julia/Peter (Helix), Jules/Shawn (Psych), Sam/Grace (Shiver/Linger/Forever), I am a songwriter who lives in NC, USA. The lifetime had run out and I couldn't recover them so I lost ALL progress and frankly I forget what I wrote for almost all of them so I have to redo them ALL so PLEASE be EXTREMELY patient with me because I'll be slow till I try to remember these and write them out. He looked like he belonged in a wilderness somewhere." Strictly Caryl. Daryl decides to check up on Carol before heading to his perch for the night. This will be a series of one-shots with summaries at the beginning of each one. She just never expected to run straight to another man, one Daryl Dixon. "I claimed her."The hand print was too small and the crime scene too messy to have been done by someone that hadn't wanted to get caught. Now, she was going to have to prove to herself that she was, indeed, stronger. AU after Season 3 (Has nothing to do with the sickness in Season 4). Even as a child, he rarely got sick and that had been a miracle considering the shithole he and his family had lived in. Some no-good poor boy who did nothing but drink, fuck, steal and break shit. Trying to balance his brother's presence and his own mixed feelings, things are not as easy as he expected. Disclaimer: I don't own the Walking Dead, they belong to Robert Kirkman and AMC.

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